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$10,000 in Payouts in 2019! All ATP Customers can compete and win!
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"Your Turbo Car vs. The World"

ATP Turbo Race Competition 2019

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Program Description:
    A combined "ALL MOTORSPORTS" competition that allows ATP Turbo customers to compete at their favorite RACE EVENTS, score points, and win up to $10,000 in cash and prizes at the end of the 2019 Racing Season.

    This is a GLOBAL competition and it spans across ALL BRANCHES OF MOTORSPORTS. ALL RACING sports are welcome as well as ALL VEHICLE types!

    Whether you have an AWD drag car, a roll racing supercar, a RWD drift car, a cone tipping auto-crosser, or record setting turbo straight line snowmobile, you are welcome to the competition! Even if you are a local track bracket racer with a 100% emissions legal turbo system, you have the same chance of taking home the big prize!

    All levels of racers are allowed, from local event racers, to series chasing Sportsman and Pros. The equal weighted point system will level the playing field to make it fair for all participants and provide equal chance for winning.

    A real time open "ATP TURBO SCOREBOARD" broadcasts up to minute points standings for ALL PARTICIPATING RACERS:

Payout at the end of 2019 Race Season based on highest points:
    Place Payout
    1st $5000
    2nd $2500
    3rd $1000
    4th $500
    5th $350
    6th $250
    7th - 10th $100

Who is allowed to participate?
    All ATP Turbo Customers (and probably most Garrett Turbo Customers). All applicants are welcome but subject to approval.

    Register here to obtain approval and a Racer ID#:

Program Outlined below in 5 steps:(see program rules further down in this page)
  1. Register and gain approval for a Driver ID# (this is your Competition # for the 2019 race season).
  2. Register Race Events against your Driver ID#
  3. Compete in your own pre-Registered Events and submit results against your Driver ID#
  4. Move up (or down) on the ATP Turbo Scoreboard "Points" system based on raced results
  5. Maintain your position at the top of the scoreboard and cash out on winnings at the end of year.

Competition ID Badge Placement on Vehicle:
    Placement of ATP Turbo Race Sticker

General Rules:
  1. To be eligible to compete, you must register for a Driver ID# at
  2. Register up to 20 race events on your Driver ID#. Approval for each event through the race board is required.
  3. Points per event will be weighted to each competition series
  4. You must save your proof of race results. Proof must be produced upon request or event could be disqualified. Persistent event disqualification will lead to driver being disqualified.

Not Allowed:
  1. Registering for an event that has already occurred. You must register an event at least 14 days before it occurs using the online registration portal.
  2. Submitting results for an event that you did not register in advance. You will not be allowed to compete for results first, then register the event. It does not work this way.
  3. Transfer of points from one Racer ID# to another. Peer-to-peer points transfer is not allowed.

General Program Disclaimer:
    This program is being offered as an additional reward for ATP Turbo customers. In the spirit of fair and fun competition, we hope to preserve the best sportsmanship from all participants by having you submit only true and accurate race results. However, if we find that there are too many cases of cheating, we reserve the right to terminate this program abruptly and without prior notice.

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