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Breaking News from Sema 2014!

Garrett GTX & GTW Additions from SEMA!

Combine Ford EcoBoost & Garrett Turbo for Record HP
New Garrett GTX Additions

Garrett GTX Additions from SEMA!

New Garrett T3 Twinscroll Turbine Housing in Ni-Resist

Garrett T3 Twinscroll Turbine Housing in Ni-Resist

GTX55 Turbochargers

GTX55 Turbochargers

GTX5518R 56T Compressor Map GTX5533R 47T Compressor Map GTX5533R 49T Compressor Map
GTX28R Turbocharger

GTX28R Turbos Shipping Now!

Order the GT2863R Now! Order the GTX2867R Now
GTX3576R Turbocharger

GTX3576R Turbocharger

GTX EVOX Turbo Upgrade

GTX EVOX Turbo Upgrade

GTX Your Turbo Kit!

GTX Your Turbo Kit!

Introducing The Most Powerful "Stock" Appearing Turbos For Your Lancer Evolution In 2011!

Let the Record Breaking Commence!

Most Powerful Stock Appearing Turbos For The EVO 8/9

Full kit power without disrupting the layout of the engine bay. Installs in a matter of a couple of hours! It's all possible now and can be done with a factory stock looking engine bay!

100% bolt-on stock location turbos for your Evo 4 through Evo 9 featuring:

  • Power ranges from 450HP to 700HP
  • Internally wastegated twin-scroll design
  • High pressure actuator for stable boost control
  • Large A/R turbine housing for reduced backpressure and more power
  • High efficiency compressor housing with ported shrouds
  • Garrett dual ball bearing for boost now!
  • Fits, stock exhaust manifold, downpipe, and O2 housing, exhaust, intake
  • 100% stealth appearance

** GTX Versions coming early 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Garrett Unveils the GTX30R and GTX35R Series Turbos

Garrett Unveils the GTX30R and GTX35R Series Turbos at SEMA 2010

Garrett unveils the GTX30R and GT35XR Series Turbos at SEMA 2010

The release of these three new turbos, the GTX3071R, the GTX3076R and the GTX3582R raises the bar for mid-frame turbo performance. More BOOST and additional FLOW without losing BOOST RESPONSE is result of extensive research and development of a new and more aerodynamic profile of compressor wheels. The GTX3076R can now flow nearly 65 lb/min and the GTX3582R has the potential to do over 750HP in the compact familiar external package of the standard GT turbos we've grown to appreciate. You do not have to change your turbo kit arrangement!

While Garrett by Honeywell is currently the industry leader and the standard in providing ultra-reliable, ultra-high-performance turbos, the Garrett Engineering Team has done it again. Always leading the pack in setting new standards, this latest iteration of turbo innovation comes from applying decades of turbocharger experience and utilizing some of the most technologically advanced tools to model, develop, and test new combinations.

NEW! GT28RS-GT3076R-WG Stock Location Combos

Stock location GT28RS through GT3076R-WG for the VW/Audi 2.0T FSI Engine Family

Stock location GT28RS through GT3076R-WG for the vw/Audi 2.0T FSI Engine Family
Power options for 350HP all the way to 500HP.

The complete range of Garrett® GT Dual Ball Bearing Turbos in an easy to install package.

Modular turbo and housing selections allow for more choices to meet your peak power and powerband preferences.

Use your stock cat/downpipe or any aftermarket 3" downpipe including our own brand for direct bolt up.

All the latest tricks and features developed in to ensure peak performance and reliability.

Very steathlike and stock appearance!
V-Band Options
V-Band Options
Tial QR Blow-Off Valve
Tial MVR External Wastegate
Tial 44mm MVR
Introducing Garrett GTX-R Turbochargers
Garrett GTX-R

Larger A/R T3 Divided (Twin-Scroll) GT30R and GT35R Housings

Cosworth Style T3 Internally Wastegated Exhaust Housing
Cosworth Style T3 Internally Wastegated Exhaust Housing
Breaking the 700HP Barrier with a T3 Flanged Turbo

EVO X GT35R Turbo Kit

Transformable Downpipe for Evo X

300WHP and 12 Second 1/4 Mile Times
Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Now Shipping
Now Shipping!
Volvo C30 T5 Turbo Kit
Volvo C30 T5 Kit
GT3071R Bolt-On Turbo for Mazdaspeed 3 Now Available!
FMIC Kit Now Available for Mazdaspeed 3!
GT4508R-C Now Available
GT Inpiration has arrived...
Subaru STI Bolt-On Turbo Kit
2.0T FSI Turbo Upgrade
Garrett's TO4Z Ball Bearing Turbo
Garrett T04Z
Triple Threat: New Garrett Large Frame Turbos
Enter The V60
Tial 60mm Wastegate
New Garrett GT4094R Turbo Packs 850HP in a Compact Packagee!
Upgrade path for the GT40R now available from Garrett
Turbo Upgrade Program for the Mazdaspeed 3 & 6!
Mazda Speed 3 & 6!
FWD 2.0L FSI Downpipe Kit and Modular Intake for VW Golf/Jetta/GTI/Audi A3
FWD 2.0L FSI Downipe Kit and Modular Intake for VW Golf/Jetta/GTI/Audi A3
Internally Wastegated Options for GT30R & GT35R
Internally Wastegated Options for GT30R & GT35R
Direct V-Band Now Available Even on the T31 Exhaust Housing
Direct V-Band Now Available Even on the T31 Exhaust Housing
Scion tC Tubular Cast Turbo Exhaust Manifold
Garrett GT Ball Bearing turbo optinos soon to be available for the Scion tC
New Divided T3 Exhaust Housing
Divided T3 Exhaust Housing with Low Profile 3" V-Band Discharge for the GT30/GT35R Range
K03/K04 Transverse Eliminators! [ARE HERE!]
Eliminator Tranverse Turbos
Another T3 Option for GT28 and GT30 Ball Bearing Turbos
Another Exhaust Housing Option for the Entire GT28 and GT30 Family of Ball Bearing Turbos
The Ultimate Internal Wastegate!
Introducing the Ultimate Internal Wastegate
Eliminator Series Update
Eliminator Series Update for VAG Cars
More V-Band Options!
More V-Band Options
K03/K04 Eliminators! [NEW UPDATE 09.19.05!]
K03/K04 Eliminators are here!
Garrett Dual Ball Bearing for T3/T4's [NOW RELEASED]
Introducing Project B6 A4 1.8T! [UPDATED 06.05.05]
S4 Power From an A4?



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